Easily Fill Your Programs, Sell More Products and Add New Eager Clients Every Single Month with the Speaking to Sales Success System

Get new clients each time you speak– live, on tele-classes, or by phone

Multiply your sales with a powerful Speaking to Sales Success Strategy that makes selling effortless

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Become a sought after expert in your niche— one that has people seeking you out


Dear Expert Entrepreneur,

Let’s face it. At heart you’re a teacher. It’s your gift. Nothing is more exciting than sharing your knowledge and expertise to help your clients get amazing results.

Now imagine turning that passion into an extra 6 figures over the next year. Yes I know you’ve heard that before and it might seem hard to fathom. But let me assure you that I’ve done it and so have many others, including many of my clients.

And the fastest ways to do it is through speaking.  Even if speaking is a bit outside your comfort zone, understand that you don’t have to get up in front of hundreds to make speaking work for you in your business. Speaking is the FASTEST WAY I KNOW TO GET NEW CLIENTS EVERY SINGLE MONTH.


Many business owners try speaking. They take any speaking opportunity that comes their way but they don’t get great results. I did this when I started my coaching business 10 years ago. I was in a new city with no real business network and since speaking had always worked for me I was enthusiastic about getting out and speaking as often as possible. I can remember once being asked to speak at a local Rotary club meeting. Now I love the Rotary and they do great work, but they were not really my target market. I was happy to be asked and said yes. I arrived and the room was filled with men and exactly two women. (My clients are about 80% women). And the average age was quite a bit older than my typical client, with an entire table of what looked to be octogenarians who, bless their hearts, were asleep before I was introduced.

Okay, LOL. But I learned a lesson. I learned that I needed to spend my precious time speaking to groups of people who were in my target market. Since then I’ve spoken for many organizations, both locally and nationally, live and online, but all of them were in my target market and that has resulted in thousands of dollars in sales.

So the problem is that many people just don’t know how to turn speaking into sales, even when they are fortunate enough to get up in front of a group of potential clients. Over the years I’ve developed a Speaking to Sales Success System. I use this step by step system to turn MULTIPLE TYPES OF SPEAKING OPPORTUNITIES INTO SUBSCRIBERS, LEADS AND SALES.

This is my ENTIRE SYSTEM THAT HAS TURNED SPEAKING INTO 6 FIGURES IN SALES YEAR AFTER YEAR, including checklists, step-by-step guidelines, strategies, project plans, contracts, scripts and process maps so I save time, get great results and don’t need to keep re-inventing the wheel.

This proven step by step system can turn the 8 speaking opportunities listed below into monthly sales and a client filled business.

Whether you’re on a private phone call with a prospect or you’re speaking in front of hundreds, there are multiple opportunities—some you may be missing out on—to speak and sell. Start by creating a memorable signature speech and you’re on your way.

Here are the 7 speaking opportunities that I use to generate income

1. Guest speaker at small local events

2. Guest speaker at larger or national multi-speaker events

3. Tele-classes, webinars and live video

4. Complimentary assessments- private  phone calls

5. 2 to 4 hour live or virtual workshop

6. 1 to 2 day higher level small group workshop or private retreat

7.  Larger single speaker or multi-speaker event

Turn Every  Speaking Opportunity into Sales 

Here’s an overview of what you’ll discover during the 6-week Speaking to Sales Success Workshop –

Class #1 – Signature Talk to Sales

You don’t even need a subscriber list to make this strategy into FAST and ongoing success!

  • How to create a strategic signature talk that has your audience clamoring to work with you
  • Where and how to get booked locally – especially if you’re at the starting gate
  • How to get booked at bigger events and conferences, including online tele-summits
  • How to generate sales , even if you’re not allowed to make an offer when you speak
  • How to boost back of room sales
  • Sell from the stage using my high conversion Profitable Presentations Formula


  • Signature Talk Formula creation worksheet and guidelines
  • Where-to-Get-Booked guidelines
  • Profitable Presentations Formula – how to CLOSE sales from the STAGE

Class #2 – Turn Tele-classes, Webinars and Video into Sales

  • How to craft a high value, high response product preview tele-class or webinar that sells
  • How to create a short video series that captures attention, creates buzz and fills your programs
  • Technology tips and resources that will save you loads of time and money
  • How to promote and fill your tele-classes and webinars. Learn my Tele-class and Webinar Marketing Success System– step by step guide and checklist
  • The Re-Cycled Marketing System – how to use the new automated systems that allow tele-classes and webinars you’ve already created to keep selling for you again and again!
  • Post tele-class follow up secrets that will increase sales by as  much as 30%
  • Web page set-up FORMULA– increase your sign ups and conversions


  • Tele-class and Webinar Marketing Success system
  • Tele-class and webinar promotion listing websites
  • Selling with Tele-classes and Webinars Formula
  • Tele-class Marketing Set-up Process Map—see the whole set up at a glance
  • Easy-to Use automation technology resources

Class #3 – Turning complimentary phone sessions into sales

  • Fastest way to get 3 to 5 new clients in the next 30 days
  • How to position your phone sessions so people to rush to schedule a time to talk to you
  • How to pre-qualify people before they schedule a time to speak with you
  • How to automate your phone session scheduling to save time and frustration
  • How to use my Sales Conversation and Enrollment script to effortlessly close sales and easily lead people to say yes.


  • Sales conversation strategy and script—use this to get several new clients this month!

Class #4 – How to Monetize Small Group Workshops and Retreats to bring in fast cash flow and fill higher priced coaching or membership programs

  • Chose the best structure, time frame and strategy for your event
  • How to price your event
  • When and where to hold your event
  • How to structure your workshop so participants want to work with you afterward
  • 12 ways to market and promote your event (11 are free!)
  • How to use virtual events to sell your retreats, workshops and tickets to your own event


  • 12 Ways to Market Your Event Checklist

Class #5 – Running Your Own Live Event

  • How to name your event and chose a topic that will attract ticket sales
  • How to know whether or not to invite guest speakers
  • Tips on choosing and booking a venue.
  • Contract negotiation tips and tricks that could save you lots of money
  • Legal considerations you mustn’t skip
  • How to boost your sales by getting your clients to rave about you at your event
  • Creative ways to boost your event income
  • Money saving strategies and secrets
  • What outsourced help you need to run a successful event
  • How to plan an effective Event Schedule
  • Shopping cart and website set up—from preview events through your main event sales page


  • Sample new client order form
  • Sample credit card information form
  • Sample guest speaker contract
  • Sample press release
  • Sample sponsorship agreement
  • Sample Event Planning Tasks Checklist
  • Sample promotional e-mails

Live Monthly Open Coaching Call with Janis

  • Open coaching Q&A
  • Brainstorming and hands-on help with your signature tald, event strategy or any other covered topic

PLUS – interact with me and other members throughout the workshop on our private Facebook page. Post your questions so I can answer them.


Why should you learn from me?

Great question. Here’s a bit about my background. I spent 13 years as a New York stage and TV actor. I had my own cable business talk show in New York. My first business 22 years ago was teaching public speaking skills to corporate executive. I’ve used speaking to attract clients in every business I’ve owned and I currently generate a generous 6-figure income, mostly from speaking, year after year. I finally decided it was time to reveal what makes speaking work so spectacularly in my business, because I know it can do the same for you. Oh and by the way, I’m known for giving my clients exactly what they need to succeed in an organized way that’s easy to implement. I’m ready to share my strategies with you.

 Here’s what’s included in the Speaking to Sales Workshop


SPECIAL BONUS #1- How to Create a Cash- Generating Signature Talk -
audio class 

Janis Pettit and Ellen Britt share
how to create a Signature Speech that sells

            • What you need to determine before you create your speech
            • How much content to include
            • What you absolutely must include to grab the attention of your audience and have them asking to work with you
            • The exact 10 step system
            • How to connect emotionally with your audience
            • Includes the AUDIO class and Janis’s SIGNATURE SPEECH FORMULA WORKSHEET


The ENTIRE collection of AUDIOS and TRANSCIPTS from the
Speaking to Sales Online Conference featuring these Top Experts Sharing Their 6-Figure Speaking Secrets

Adam Urbanski
Connie Ragen Green
Alicia Forest
Felicia Slattery
Susan Levin
Elinor Stutz
Ellen Britt


            • Open Q&A Live Coaching Call with Janis
            • Downloadable mp3 Audios of each of the 6 classes– DON’T WORRY IF YOU NEED TO MISS A CLASS!
            • Downloadable transcripts of each of the 5 content classes
            • Get your questions answered by Janis and network with other members in our private Facebook group
            • Create Your Signature Talk worksheet and guidelines
            • Where-to-Get-Booked checklist
            • Step-by-step Tele-class and Webinar Marketing System
            • Tele-class and webinar promotion listing websites
            • Selling with Tele-classes and Webinars script – just fill in your information
            • Tele-class Marketing Set-up Process Map—see the whole set up at a glance
            • Easy-to Use automation technology resources
            • Sales Conversation Strategy and Script—use this to get several new clients this month!
            • 12 Ways to Market Your Event Checklist
            • Profitable Presentations Formula
            • Sample new client order form
            • Sample credit card information form
            • Sample guest speaker contract
            • Sample press release
            • Sample 2-day event schedule with guest speakers
            • Sample sponsorship agreement
            • Sample Event Planning Tasks Checklist
            • Sample promotional e-mails


I want you to have everything you need to fill your business with clients and speak your way to sales. Speaking consistently fills my practice with eager, high paying clients who I love working with, and it can do the same for you. Why struggle sitting behind your computer for one more day?

I will personally guide you each step of the way

Attend each class, keep track of your questions and get them all answered in the LIVE Open Q&A Coaching Call each month. I want to help you experience the exhilaration of speaking passionately about what you love, having people respond by signing on as clients, and seeing your income soar to 6 figures.

My promise to you

Registration is RISK FREE. I want you to be totally satisfied that you are getting the kind of information that will help you grow your business. If, after the FIRST 30 DAYS you feel this isn’t giving you the strategies and resources that will turn your speaking into sales, let me know  and we will refund you 100% of the very modest workshop tuition, no questions asked.

Are you ready to fill your business with clients

by turning Speaking into Sales?

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